At DAY ET, all of our products are made for a life on the move. 

When we develop and design, we make sure that the factors of durability, functionality and sustainability are in balance. We stand for diversity and inclusion, empowering all people regardless of their gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race or religion - whether it is at our office, at our suppliers or in our advertisements. We leave no room for discrimination – everyone must be allowed to be who they are.


The industry is in need of a change and we want to contribute in all areas possible. We’re turning the business upside down and confronting challenges throughout our entire value chain from design and production onwards, optimizing all elements and finding better, sustainable, long-lasting solutions.


“Relove” is the heart or our vision.

We start by building the designs on functional classics to ensure the love and need for the product will last season after season.

In our recycled production process, we transform trash into new beloved treasures.

Along the way, we prioritise transparent communication with care and respect for the people involved in developing the product, securing fair social standards and working conditions.


We aim to proactively set the agenda and lead the change of waste management. By harvesting plastic waste from landfills and oceans, we help to eliminate the need of creating new fabrics in the traditional way. We only use 100% recycled certified textiles in our sustainably marked styles, which allows us to reduce the usage of harmful chemicals, reduce water waste and emit less CO2 in our production.

This is a bag with a past and a long-lasting future.


From Fall Winter 2020 we are proud to introduce our first sustainable collection line: “RETHINK – RELOVE – RECYCLE” made from carefully selected textiles in recycled certified fabrics. The recycled fabrics are created from plastic waste harvested from oceans and landfills - turning trash into a new life.


When we define our product as sustainable, we ensure that they as a minimum live up to our four principles:

1. The product is made of certified and 100% recycled fabrics*

2. The product is durable and functional for a long-lasting life

3. The product is made under high social ethics and working conditions

4. The product fulfils strict chemical requirements to support a cleaner planet 


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